Chopper / Forage Box Repair - Overview

Business services

We work with thousands of customers in the Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois area to help them with the following services for forage boxes (also known as chopper boxes or silage wagons) like H&S, Meyer, Gehl, Miller Pro, and more:

We work with front, rear, combo, and truck-mount silage box / forage box types and basically all models. We sell all these items and more on our for sale inventory page which is updated frequently with new items for sale. Insurance companies, agents, adjuster, implements, and farmers can all benefit from our services. To keep updated with the latest news about us check out our current news Facebook page feed on this site or like us on Facebook. Please contact us to find out how we can help you at our Boscobel, Wisconsin location.

Pickup and delivery equipment

2012 Dodge Ram 3500 - Pulling our John Deere 270 Diesel Skid Steer - to the Customer so we can recover their wrecked box Dodge Ram - Pulling a Repaired H&S Chopper / Forage Box / Wagon on our trailer Back to the Customer, it is our Deliver & Pickup Equipment

Bidding process

  1. Determine if the unit is repairable and its original value
  2. Create a cost bid/listing of what will be done for complete repair
  3. Pickup and haul unit from insured site (If needed we can setup overturned units)
  4. Perform actual work associated with the repair
  5. Deliver equipment back to insured

The benefit of the business is that it allows the insured to keep the equipment, which they are familiar with and trust, while reducing the overall replacement cost. A high percentage of wrecked machinery can be fixed. This also removes the time and cost of finding a replacement unit and having to know the issues with the replacement unit's condition. There are no surprises since work is bid, not estimated.

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